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Pastor Kyle & Tammy Widrick

Pastor Kyle grew up on a small farm in the Southern Jefferson County area. He attended Elizabethtown College in PA where he earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and has taken Seminary classes through King's Seminary. He has served as a pastor at GCC since 1995. He has a passion for teaching the Word of God, woodworking, math, and basketball. As a young adult he realized he had a strong desire and call to teach God’s truth in a way that people can understand and apply in their lives.

Pastor Kyle and Tammy met at a local Christian camp where they both attended and worked throughout the years. They married in 1993. Tammy is the creative one and brings much joy and energy to those she spends time with. She loves music and uses this love to coordinate and lead our music ministry. Kyle and Tammy truly enjoy working side by side in ministry and do their best work when they tackle it together. Tammy was able to be at home for many years with their 5 children but has returned to work part-time as a nurse in recent years. They spend their down time with their kids, camping, or on the next project where Tammy brings the creative designs and Kyle provides the “cheap labor”.


Four of their five children are now married and the grandchildren are increasing. Pastor Kyle and Tammy are enjoying the ability to spoil the grandkids and then send them home! Their home is often buzzing with laughter and chaos as the family gathers. 


Pastor Kyle continues to pour his time into teaching God’s truth. He believes that God desires to use the local church to engage those who are following Him and those who are still searching.


Associate Pastor Jeff & Sarah Gleason

Jeff and Sarah Gleason have lived in southern Jefferson County nearly all their lives. Jeff is the associate Pastor at GCC and Sarah a nurse, both have worked locally for many years.  They live with their 2 children, in Adams Center.  


The two of them have served in many roles at GCC. Together they were youth leaders and home group leaders.  Both have been Sunday School teachers. Sarah has served as a Worship Leader for many years. Jeff was an Elder for 10 years before taking on the responsibility of Associate Pastor.


Jeff has a strong desire to encourage and challenge the church to live like Jesus would in our day. That is, to love others, to realize truth, and to know God personally.


Sarah loves and encourages people wherever she goes.  In her actions, she inspires people to love intentionally, to be grateful, and to notice how God works in the details of life.

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Elder Couple Diesel

&  Katy Hitt

Diesel and Katy Hitt met while attending Cornell University and were married in 2012. Diesel grew up working on dairy farms and is now managing a large dairy in Jefferson County. Katy grew up on a dairy farm and as the youngest of seven, shares the same passion for the animals and farm family life. They are blessed to have four children.

With their faith as the backbone of their family, Diesel and Katy have become more involved at GCC over the past 6 years. Diesel has a deep passion for working with people and leading teams, and as Elder, is honored to serve God and his church family in a deeper role. Katy is blessed to be a stay at home mom and enjoys working as the Treasurer at GCC. The couple also leads one of the Home Groups at GCC.


Elder Couple Jay & Donna Widrick

Jay and Donna Widrick, from Watertown NY, have been a part of GCC for more than 25 years. They have enjoyed being part of the worship team, hosting or leading various groups over the years, and being involved in the building projects.


Jay works closely
with the treasurer and oversees the financial workings of the church.
His real job, as comptroller for Central Kubota, requires him to travel back and forth to Waxahachie, TX.


Donna is a retired teacher who is enjoying her free time volunteering and pursuing long lost interests.


Their 3 daughters live in various parts of
the country, so they are currently navigating this new season of being empty nesters. You will often find them going for a kayak adventure or chipping away on the golf course.


Elder Couple Kurt &

Mallory Widrick

Kurt and Mallory both grew up in Southern Jefferson County. Although childhood friends, they reconnected at college. Kurt and Mallory both graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester with their 4 year degrees in Social Work. Both Kurt and Mallory are currently employed at a non-profit agency in Watertown. Kurt and Mallory have three children and enjoy the wonderful blessing that they are. 

Kurt grew up in the church and has felt a call to ministry since he was young. Shortly after they were married, Kurt and Mallory took over leading Youth Group and teaching the

8th-12th grade Sunday School class for 6 years. Kurt is also a part of the Worship team and they both serve in several other areas at GCC. Both Kurt and Mallory have a passion for serving God through Grace Community Church and are excited for God's plan for the Church/Community. In their down time, they can be found going on family adventures or working on house projects. 

Singer Songwriter

Worship Team

We believe there are many different forms and styles of worshiping the Lord.  When it comes to the musical part of worship, we want the leader to seek the Lord and lead the congregation as they sense the Lord's direction. We are blessed to have six worship leaders and a large team to back them up.   

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